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One can say that I am a lazy person. However, the reason for me to quit my laziness and put together this website is my strong conviction in the inherent strength of Vedic knowledge and way of living. I am very interested in ancient religions, societies, civilizations and politics. In my humble opinion, I have yet to come to know about any civilization as advanced and well laid-out as Vedic civilization.


Some western orientalists, mainly Max Mueller, gave date of Vedic civilization as 1200 BC in 19th century. His theory has been proven wrong with the help of numerous archaeological evidences and studies. A very interesting thesis I came across recently proves just how very flawed Maxs timing of Vedic Civilization was. This thesis can be read at http://users.skynet.be/Astrologie-Vedique/english.htm.


Anyway, a vast community of archaeologists now believe that Vedic civilization dates back to around 7500 8000 BC, based on extensive research and studies undertaken ever since Max et al came up with their theory. Timing the Vedic civilization is best left on the experts.


I am merely trying to learn whatever is already out there, as much as my brains can comprehend. Whatever Ive learned and understood so far has been attempted to be put forth on this website.


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